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Dr. Janel Smietana’s Tips for Fitness

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It’s that time of year, or a little bit after the fact. By now, you or I have either stayed with our new years resolution or let it greatly drift us by. Studies do show that if you stick to something for about 21 days or more, you are likely to make it a habit.

-What worked for me, I always thought calorie logging was kind of BS. Keeping track can be tedious and what difference did it make. Well, that is when I found out about this little fantastic, again FANTASTIC website/app My profile on there is under my name, Janel Smietana.

-Another thing I tried was Zumba. Being a former cheerleader, gymnast and dancer, it barely feels like a workout. I also feel like I am learning a new dance routine because I am. It is a great time and helps a lot.

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